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Full Version: Hey, I'm Sasha :D
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Well, hello everyone! I'm a petz community member and a Chickensmoothie member (username: Bilaz) so this seems to be the perfect place for me. Big Grin. For petz I run a crew site called Hemlighet (it's just hemlighet.eu) and I love Russian music, Eurovision, Star Trek and I'm working on an original story. I think that's about it but if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Welcome to the Pixel Petz Club!

If you're interested in our "Pixel Petz" game, please wait until either you got a beta invitation or the game has released for public!
welcome sasha!
Thank you very much for the welcome, both of you! I already got into the beta so I'm just trying to draw some things, I'm not very good at it if I'm honest.