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Full Version: [WWW] My petz story! What's yours?
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I played petz for years by myself before even finding out about the community. Before I found the RKC I mainly specialized in Siamese catz. I have a 'Sophisto' in Catz and I spent my time in the later games naturally raising and breeding them for mutations. 
[Image: CATZ8.png]
A world opened for me when I discovered the RKC. I discovered high generation mixies and unique hexies, the very first I adopted was Belle:
[Image: Belle.png]
She caused me to fall in love with the calico breed, which now is the vast majority of my crew. Along the way I managed to adopt some lovely hexies of my own from my dear oldie Vetur to my newest dog, Julian. <3
[Image: Meet_Vetur.png][Image: Julian.png]
I got a crew which felt truly special and my own, and I even opened my own website, Hemlighet! None of this would have been possible without the amazing petz community and the wonderful friends I've made in it. <3

What's your petz story. Did you grow up with these games? Have you ever been a member in the community? Let's share some memories! Big Grin
yaas petz! <3 I spent a good 10 years hexing and playing with these 3D pixelated fluffballz, and met a lot of interesting people ("my people") along the way. love your crew!
Why thank you so much! I actually believe I have seen you around on Whiskerwick, though I don't think we ever directly spoke to each other. Smile
[Image: WrathLickHand.jpg][Image: 5Cocks2.jpg]
[Image: UndeadDragon.jpg]
I hopped on the bandwagon way back in petz 1. I have just kind of lurked in the community for the last 12 or so years though. I was big on hexing extreme Wildz.
There are a few more pics and some files still on my website: http://rena.us/ubisoftpetz.php
I was FoxWingDrgn on the Petz forums.
Wow! All of these cool Petz! I used to play Petz 4 and 5 as a kid and although I don't have pictures, I had SO MANY petz. I eventually found the software to make my own breedz and even though I wasn't good, I enjoyed making them. Really miss those games. </3
Not to be too salty but I dont miss hex editing in actual hex. XD The editing software was a godsend.
I do miss the creative community and I was overjoyed to find this game this morning. It's everything fun about Petz that Ubisoft never picked up on.