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Full Version: Who else came from CS?
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I know a lot of peeps here found this by chicken smoothie, so I guess share any stories about it or just talk? XD

I found Pixel Petz when I clicked the little pixel in someone’s signature on CS, then completely fell in love! (And probably will even more once I can get the game xD)
I was from chicken smoothie! I love chicken smoothie, I'm super excited to get into the pixel petz game,

I got in the same way I saw a pixel dog, I was hey I'm gonna click that, then I'm here!
Cool! Hi :3
I also came from cs ^^. Also sorry for rating this thread 3/5 I didn't mean to and I don't know how to undo. Whoops..
Noice! And it’s no problem, lol x3
I came from CS, but I wouldn't consider myself active on CS anymore. I found Pixel Petz while scrolling through the user-made adoptables subforum.
maaaaaaybe i did haha
I found the Pixel Petz game via Chicken Smoothie. I'm into another Minidragon game called Rainbowtail, so I bookmarked the Minidragon thread for that. Then this Pixel Petz game popped up on there and it sounded cool, so I offered to beta test it. I found this forum via an update email for the game.