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Full Version: Anyone know how to get gems?
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Hi! Is there any way to earn gems, like a high-level job or something? If I remember it right, I got 3 when I started and that’s the only way I know, but I feel like there would be another way to get some if there are parts and other things costing 5+ gems each. Thanks ^-^’

(Also, the update is so good! I love the fluffy new tail and monthly nose <3)
working on a way to earn gemz right now! look for next update sometime next week! Smile
Aaa thanks so much! <3 Sounds great!
Sooo excited for this!
(02-15-2019, 11:11 PM)Sharebear Wrote: [ -> ]Sooo excited for this!
Same! I want to make unicorn dogs because I love unicorns, but I need gems for that.