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Full Version: Adoptables
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Hey, there pixers! I'm VixenWildWolf28 and today I am gonna start adoptables! Here is how it works: You pick an adoptable here and send me the number of gems for it like I am selling a pet in the game! (Send me the gems in the PixelPetz game). Then you will receive a private email of questions for the characteristics of the character and images of it. Right nows default mode is a teenage female winged-wolf. Here is the picture of them. (Sorry for the bad lighting a little lol).
-#1- An albino, crystal, winged-wolf for 5 gems.
-#2- A snow leopard/wolf hybrid winged-wolf for 5 gems.
Comment which one you want! 
You can contact me at PixelPetz Club, Scratch, PixelPetz game, or WildCraft! Bye for now!
Scratch name: galaxywolfgirl28
WildCraft name: XxAmethystxX or Sybil (I think).
Note: You probably should not contact me at WildCraft because I rarely go there.

Everyone who sees this: Click the image for better view.
Does anybody want my adoptables? Anybody?