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Full Version: What dog breed is the user above you?
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Its really simple! Just post the dog breed of the user above! Feel free to post an image too!
Please don't double post!
No spamming!
Have fun!

User1: husky
User2: german shepard
User3: pug
shiba inu!

[Image: 1520284461_b81bfe5a8b10d72c4ed5dd89bd9a0b2c.png]
Inu daddo do angery >.>

[Image: K58geFz.jpg]

silken windhound! majestic as heck
Boston Terrier!
[Image: 1520442284_acb85c7326a681475bb389d88e28d080.png]
(Im literally bad at drawing on this draw image thing)
I think you're a pug or some other small doggo! :>
malamute samoyed mix!
[Image: samoyed-siberian-husky-lou-4.jpg]