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hi i am ryuxqc, mostly known as Raktuselm around the internet, uhh...i do art, animation too, i like metal sonic.....i am very inexperienced with pixel petz and im keen to changing usernames (i have problem with being indecisive)

like i said, i do art! im mediocre at best, but im getting better slowly. u can check out my stuff at my ng, its raktuselm! 

im kind of an anxious guy, i might get awkward or very shy but generally im friendly and hyper, up to meeting friends but (almost to) never the first one to spark a convo ' . _.

im very devoted into postal and stepmania, rythm games in general, i just mainly play stepmania or funky friday on roblox with my friend
metal sonic, neo metal sonic and knuckles are best sonic characters, cant change my mind my best friend is teasing me that i am undercover shadow fan, who knows he might be true

i should have said this at beginning but name's edmund! i prefer the nickname joel tho, im a dude and refer to me as he/him or it/it's please (: you can also call me ryu, xqc or ra if you prefer to call me by my username

i have a ton of interests that i cannot be bothered making a whole document about

i got nothing else to say

[Image: 1633513151_e69ff2adc4c8c6ffb5e15cd4a0b58602.png]