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Full Version: so, what happened today?
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A general thread about your life! When it's not enough to warrant a whole thread, but you still want to tell someone. Let it all out here!

One of my favorite threads on an old forum. :')
everything happened today
(02-21-2018, 08:35 AM)hamstar Wrote: [ -> ]everything happened today

o rly
i started getting dysphoria about stuff and things again which is just peachy, otherwise i got fries so i'm good

wait is that kind of post allowed here?
anything is fine! :]
but wait, dysphoria? why, birthday soon or something?

fries are awesome.

I cut my own hair two days ago, from long to bob around 6 inches... and I don't look like a crazy person who decided to cut my own hair randomly thanks to watching this youtube video first! Big Grin  only took 10 mins too.
that sounds really cool actually, and oooops i should of been more specific but i mean gender dysphoria Undecided
aye, unfortunately I don't have much experience with that, though I would recommend not looking at genders as boxes. being female doesn't mean you have to like pink or suck at sports, being male doesn't mean you can't like dressup etc. you can be as manly as you want and still be female, and vice versa! learning to accept yourself as is would probably be the best option. but I'm not a psychiatrist so idk.

what's bugging you?
Sooooo,, I just got home an hour ago or so. And as soon as I went through the door my aunt told me that my great grandma fell. She's 96, so it's kind of really bad when she falls. The doc was here and told us that she might have broken her hip, so now she's being sent to the hospital. Luckily she was mostly okay, except for her not being able to lay down without big pain and a weird stomach feeling. I just hope nothing bad happened and she'll be able to return home right away.

Ugh... It's only two days till my birthday and so far every day in this and last week sucked in some way or another. Can't I at least just please have a nice 18th birthday? ;^;
18th is a pretty big one! woo hope tomorrow's good to you! lots of cake and stuff.
sucks to hear about your great grandma, hope she has a speedy recovery.

today I've been listening to some programming tutorials on youtube... so sleepy *yawn*
Today i played with my neighbors' husky. He's called Snow.
I love to play with him, sometimes i come down to visit him and play with him.
I like to play fetch with him.
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