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Full Version: Draw the character above you (without PPC's drawing tool)
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Welcome to the "Draw the character above you (without PPC's drawing tool) thread! In this thread you will, surprise, surprise, draw the character of the person above you with your drawing program of preference. That means you can not use PPC's drawing tool! If you want to use that then please go here Smile

  • Please refrain from posting NSFW characters and drawing NDFW stuff.
  • Again, do not use this site's drawing tool to draw the character above you.
  • Please put at least some effort into your drawing. I know some people can't draw as good as others and I respect that, however, please don't submit any 5 minute drawings.
  • If you post you automatically claim the post of the user above you. Then the next person posting their form will automatically claim your post and so on.
  • If you claimed a user's post you may not post your form again until you completed the drawing of their character.
  • If you completed the drawing of their character, PM them and update your post with the art.
  • You must use the form I provided below to qualify for this thread. Else there might be confusion and things will start to be unorganzied.
  • If someone broke any rules please skip their post.
Breaking any of these rules will get you 1 yellow card. After receiving 3 yellow cards you will be banned from this thread and may not post in this game again, until the next thread has started. If you are receiving 1 yellow card in the new thread you will be banned permanently from this game!

Please use this form (remove the bracets -> [ & ])
username: [here]
character: [here]
important infos about the character: [here]
any no-gos: [here]
any preferences in pose etc.: [here]

Please note that the person drawing your character does not have to strictly abide by your preferences. Say "thank you" After all, you are still receiving free art from them.

You can start with my character:
username: Hinode
character: [Image: 4488532_5WE2tg3ilQnkbvA.png]
important info about the character: Faerrus has magnetic powers. All spiky things you see on him are iron powder that got stuck to his body. He can turn his power on and off and control it by will, meaning he does not have to have wings. The iron powder can litterally take any shape!
any no-gos: nope!
any preferences in pose etc.: nope!

Happy drawing!!