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Full Version: Alpha Test 01 - Bug Reports
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Please post all bug reports in this thread! Include your username and screenshots where relevant.
For general discussion about testing, feel free to start a new thread.

Quote:Known bugs/unfinished features:
-pencil tool doesn’t follow fast strokes
-paint bucket tool very slow
-bases not in order
-trading and shop is not available yet
ok alpha testers, there's a LOT of known bugs. it hasn't been tested properly on iOS, and you probably won't be able to switch between scenes. Also published petz don't load on iOS... so you can just keep petz in your drafts (don't hit publish), and just view them from the base select menu.

YEAH. we still wanted to let you guys try it though! most of the big bugs we probably already know at this point, just need time to fix.
Except for having my published petz hidden, I have also found some issues with the paint bucket tool not working always. Sometimes it works but other times it won’t fill anything in. 

My username is croag and I’m on iOS 

I also see the word debug or the number 0 on the screen sometimes! Just screenshotted 0

Stuff I've noticed so far, sounds like most of it is expected ... username is ouroboros, using iPhone 5s iOS, current on updates.

I'm also getting the debug/0 thing on the palettes page. https://imgur.com/fmWMYz1

Attempting to go to what looks like the profile page results in a blank page and having to restart the app to get back to the creating a pet options. https://imgur.com/3PB41Z3

Other than that and published pets being unavailable, creating a pet seems to work as expected, with the exception of the paint tools being a little laggy sometimes. And this isn't really a bug, but it's probably not just generalized feedback either, so I'll put it here - I've fatfingered the "back" button quite a few times attempting to hit the "undo" button. Might want to relocate them a bit further apart to avoid that.

I've got some general suggestions but I'll leave those in the other thread. So far I'm enjoying the app, it's fun to create the pets! Big Grin
I'm also getting the same "Debug" and then "0" (after a purchase) on the Palettes screen. And the same unloading "123451234512" profile page (although perhaps that is what you meant about not being able to switch between scenes).

The entire app seems quite slow (not just the paintbucket) although that could be because my internet in general is slow today thanks to stormy weather.

I love all the different bases. They are so stinkin' cute.
I don’t have much to add, my experience is the same. For me, the paintbucket seems to either work selectively or not at all. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes I get absolutely nothing.

I’ll keep this updated as more comes up!

The bases are adorable and I’m so flippin’ excited for this to go live!
(03-23-2018, 11:36 PM)ouroboros Wrote: [ -> ]I've fatfingered the "back" button quite a few times attempting to hit the "undo" button. Might want to relocate them a bit further apart to avoid that.

oh interesting! didn't even occur to me that those were close. I'll keep that in mind, maybe move the redo-undo buttons to the other side of the preview icon.

thanks for the feedbacks! I'll see if we can update everyone soon.
I was having issues with the incorrect petz picture showing up next to the wrong description and name - refreshing a few times seemed to fix it though it has happened a few times

[Image: FtcRJ77.png]
Also, until uploading this I didn't even realise it said -1 clicks lmao

when I go to mailbox it tells me I have a lot more currency than I actually have
[Image: wWiUOIu.png]
which would be lovely if true but alas
(I hope I'm posting this in the correct place, I'm sorry if not!!!)
woah rainbow turtle! damn I can't wait until we get trading up and running so I can send trades on those things. xD

thanks for your detailed reports and pics! that's very helpful. I'm going to close this board soon, but please do keep posting on the Beta board! I'll move your post over to get it started.