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Full Version: forum suggestion - tablet drawing
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an easier access/usage for tablets with drawings would be great! i tried to draw a smiley face on the “draw image” icon but it doesn’t work for ipads/tablets- unfortunately it left me with no smiley face to send! (who wants to send a basic Smile when you can make an extra one?? mE!)

the drawing below hopefully shows what i mean by this- no strokes can be made as it moves the picture entirely and then gets stuck, unfortunately! aaaH! (i tried to write example- it didn’t turn out as good as i hoped, whoops!) 

i absolutely LOVe! the upload image! it makes putting up a picture much easier from a hand held device! 

this site heavily reminds me of chickensmoothie and the nostalgia is killing me right in the heart so i’m absolutely loving this site already!! im super excited for the finished product! ♡

have a lovely day and thank you for reading! ♡

quick edit: im not sure if this is happening for anyone else or if it’s not a feature, but i can’t seem to edit my profile details (i.e; bio, signature- stuff like that!) 

im sorry if this isn’t a feature and im just a doofus but i reckon it’d be super cute!! (or if i can’t find the button,, whoops! )
(03-14-2018, 01:30 PM)theatre Wrote: [ -> ]hello!!,

hi theatre! I've moved your post to this board, as it pertains to the forum.

the alpha testing board is actually for the app, haha, sorry for any confusion! >0<
I don't know how to fix it for mobile but I'd love to. can only draw in pointillism on mobile at the moment... xD