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* uhmmmm my name is chara ! pronouns are they / it
* i have no idea what this sites abt tbh but it seems cool ^_^
* im obsessed with hollow knight , photography , and creative writing ! though mustering up motivation 4 the latter is hard . im also a sophomore in high school , so thats cool
* i usually post art on my twitter (@ Sig__num) but my drawing tablets broken so i just ramble there now LOLLL

* uhh yeah thats it !! im glad 2 be here , this place seems cool
[Image: 1632964970_a9c140cc1c971fd7ec0682f3aae193d3.png]
hey welcome! this is just a laid back forum for people that play the mobile game pixel petz

[Image: 1632965254_977f2fb2fdd405028d253ab5a3ca368c.png]
* OHHH thats cool !!!! i looked it up and the game lookz super cute :-] ty 4 the warm welcome !
Welcome !! Im new here too !
hai hai! cool name! i also like undertale a lot[Image: 1632994037_c69691657e83016a142a125c5c67920d.png]
* thank you !!! and yeah , undertalez really cool ^_^ [Image: 1633110200_1cfc1716c670e332f5bb8f0de5791a07.png]

(09-30-2021, 01:53 AM)BeanieCat Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome !! Im new here too !

* ohhh cool !!!! welcome 2 u as well , then :-]