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Full Version: Animal Names A-Z
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Basically, what you do here is you say an animal name in the order of the alphabet!
It can be the names of an insect, mammal, fishes, birds ect... 
After all, they ARE animals, right?
Once we reached the Letter “Z”, reststart again from “A”!

Person 1: 

Person 2:
B for Bald Eagle!

And so on...

Let’s start with me!

A for Antelope!
B for Barreleye!
c for cat[Image: 1522965130_48358b267ca7bff831f24baecdc59ba5.png]
D for Dingo!
E for Eel!
[Image: 1523015143_442e5a289bf950a788a3d4ebe572c165.png]
f for ferret
G for Giraffe!
H for Hippopotamus!
i for impala
J for jellyfish~
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