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Full Version: Does anyone still use this? Also hello.
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So... I have NO idea if this is still active. I was successfully able to create an account but it was not easy. If anyone and I mean anyone that uses this website wants to chat and or share information PLEASE DO. If this website is still in use please for the love of god fix it (I could fix it if you wanted me to) Also what are all of those error codes for?  My Pixel Petz username is the same as the one for this website. I would prefer people not to email me but If you absolutely need too it's fine. This website is great (if not sometimes buggy) I understand it was made in 2018 but I think we should use it more often. The most recent post on this website was from May 5th so Ig it's still kinda active but who knows Smile (agh that's a scary smiley face ;()