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Full Version: Screenshots of your Petz!
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k, until we have sharing features, you'll have to share petz the old-fashioned way--uploading screenshots. show your fav creations here! Big Grin
this is lime the shiba inu!
[Image: EeTNAfI.png]

and this is Cassie the rainbow turtle!
[Image: DLFP4uF.png]

I am really loving making petz so far,
it's super fun!! thank you to the people
making this game :3c
love the soft coloring for both of these! good eye for soothing and inviting colors. Big Grin
I'm trans(non-binary) so I made a trans flag pup :3

[Image: Trans_pup.png]

I've made 4 by now, but these two are easily my favorites out of the bunch c:
yeah ghost deer is pretty genius. really like it! Big Grin
My three Smile
I love everyone's petz! I just made a new one...

[Image: Houndour.jpg]
A houndour Big Grin Because pokemon XD

My other children I didn't show in my last post and two new ones c;
I was slow to join because I kept forgetting to check my email but I'm figuring it out and making some pixel petz!
[Image: 20180608_094507.png]
[Image: 20180608_094532.png]
[Image: 20180608_094554.png]
[Image: 20180608_094648.png]
[Image: 20180608_094728.png]
[Image: 20180608_094755.png]
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