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Full Version: So Glad to See This Game Up!
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I am so excited to see that the game is open for beta testing now. So far, 5 stars for general features etc. It is going to be fantastic.
thanks for your enthusiasm! Big GrinDD still missing a bunch of features but we certainly hope it's gonna be awesome!

[Image: 1528273789_90e26f95127e38fd6773bbdf3809a0f0.png]
Im glad i signed up a few months ago, cant wait to see how this develops overtime, fanatstic job so far sketchi <33
me too!! early yesterday I was thinking "I wonder when that game is going to be available" and even checked my emails to make sure I hadn't missed an email accidentally, but I got nothing.

then just before I was going to sleep, I checked again and there the email was! I'm so excited about this game!
Me too!!! I've been thinking about it on and off ever since I signed up! Really excited to be playing Smile

thanks guys, these words of encouragement are really sweet and mean a lot to me!