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Full Version: Let's make Pokémon Fusions!
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It's simple! Make Pokémon fusions at this site: http://pokemon.alexonsager.net, and post them here!
I'll start with a few!
[Image: 24.png]
[Image: 26.png]
[Image: 96.117.png]
[Image: 26.14.png]
Oo this is interesting. Smile
lmao I love that site
Let's keep going!
[Image: 140.10.png]
[Image: 126.46.png]
[Image: 52.70.png]
[Image: 97.18.png]
[Image: 82.133.png]
[Image: 68.142.png]
They actually look like they could be real pokemon.
Oh man, I love messing around with that site XD
[Image: 132.54.png]

pokefusions are always so funny omg
i love all of the ones made so far - esp
meothwth x bellsprout xD
I got some more fusions over here.
[Image: 32.67.png]that looks almost the same as the normal male Nidoran
[Image: 30.131.png]A nice one to go with Maran, the above fusion! (this one is Laprina)
[Image: 124.113.png]
[Image: 123.124.png]
[Image: 123.129.png]
[Image: 133.151.png][Image: 53.134.png]
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