by flufferboye at 05-11-2019, 02:21 PM
hello, flufferboye here. 
im a malaysian girl. im not that talkactive and pretty much im awkward whenever i talk so uhh bye i guess?? see you later
by Kyberos at 05-11-2019, 12:22 AM
Howdy! I can be found on the Game with the same username, I just joined the forums though ;w; so hello everyone! ~
by Miki at 05-10-2019, 10:00 PM
A lot of people don't know this, but you can actually change your petz names/description even after you've already created them.
You can even edit your petz design again!
In this post I will teach you how to do both.

Name/Description Editing Guide
First you need to navigate over to the specific Petz page that you'd like to edit.
Press on the 3 lines in the top right corner of the page and a menu will drop down.
This menu will display a ton of info about your Pet!
To change the name or description, simply press on the part you'd like to edit.
When finished, just hit that "Update" button and you're good to go!

[Image: petzeditguide1.png]

Petz Editing Guide
Once again, to edit your petz, navigate to the specific petz page.
In the top right there will be a pencil icon for you to press.
Once pressed, you should be taken to the editing screen again.
When you're finished editing what you like, hit that big "Update" button!

[Image: petzeditguide2.png][Image: petzeditguide3.gif]
by Juni at 05-10-2019, 09:19 PM
Hey! So I was test-breeding a few petz and came across this cutie:
The second/third are meh but that first one!! So cute!! Perfect blend of the two.
But I was wondering:
1: Would the breeder be counted as the pixer, or have “breeder” in the spot on their profile under “owner” instead of “pixer”? And most importantly, would the pixer/breeder be able to edit the petz like their own creations? I hope so owo

2: Just male x female breeding, right? I feel like that would make sense/be a stupid question, but m x m and f x f work in the tests so I figured I’d ask. (And why are they always so much prettier oof)

3: Will there be a cost to breed?

4: Will you be able to keep all of them? (And if not, what happens to the extras?)

5: Do you know how long until the update? (I get it if not, just excited xD)

And 6: How often can they breed?

Thanks so much!! <3 It looks amazing so far.

Edit: Also, what does the brown checkmark for breeding elders on the age list mean? Thanks and sorry oof xd
by OreoQuack at 05-10-2019, 04:14 PM
Hello! I just joined! I thought there was a that was an online vertion of Pixel Petz. I saw it on Youtube. Unless it was a weird dream of mine, I've had a bunch of trouble finding it.

(My username on the Pixel Petz app is OreoQuack. Just in case for those who are curious.)
by Miki at 05-04-2019, 07:36 AM
This guide will teach you how to do something that has been so frequently asked
that I had it included in the FAQ section on our Discord early on!
Hiding eyes is actually very simple to do, so the guide will be fairly quick.

Quick Guide
First, head over to the eyes tab and use the very first eyes in the list.
On the sliders, make everything as small as possible.

[Image: HideEyes1.png]

Second, go to the nose/mouth tab and select the nose you wish to use.
Adjust the sliders accordingly until the nose manages to cover your eyes.
Tada! You can now draw your own eyes!

[Image: hideeyes2.gif]

Additional Notes
With certain noses/mouths you may have to choose a different eye style.
The instructions are still the same, but you can just try experimenting with the different options until you find something that works.
by Miki at 05-04-2019, 07:29 AM
There's probably been plenty of times where your device just didn't have enough battery life to play Pixel Petz,
or maybe it just broke and you can't afford to buy a new one just yet.
How will you play Pixel Petz now?
Well, if you have a computer, there is a solution to your problem!
This guide will be teaching you how to use Pixel Petz (and honestly any other app) on your PC.

Bluestacks Guide
First you need a working PC, of course. For the best performance, your PC should have at least 4GB of ram.
Also, please note that you will need a Google account in order to download apps (including Pixel Petz)
If everything checks out, head over to this website.

[Image: Bluestacks_Tutorial1.PNG]

When you get to the website, press the big "Download Bluestacks" button, and the download should begin. Go through the typical download/install process you usually go through when you download programs off of the internet.

Once finished, launch Bluestacks.

[Image: Bluestacks_Tutorial2.PNG]

Once Bluestacks launches, it will either ask you to log in to your Google account right away, or just bring you to your home screen. If it brings you to the home screen, press on the Google Play Store and it will then prompt you to log in to your Google account.
When you've successfully logged into your Google account, head back over to the Google Play Store and find Pixel Petz. You should now be able to install the app and play it on your PC! Congratulations!

Additional Options
If you want to customize your Bluestacks so it displays in the quality you'd prefer, head over to the settings in the top right.

[Image: Bluestacks_Tutorial3.PNG][Image: Bluestacks_Tutorial4.PNG]

Depending on your computer's specs, you can adjust all of the options to your liking. For me personally, I got the best quality as soon as I switched to 4 CPU cores. You can also change the resolution, the amount of memory you use, and more. Hope you enjoy!
by Miki at 05-04-2019, 07:16 AM
Ever wonder how shadows work? Look no further!
I've made up a very quick and easy guide to help understand how to use shadows.
There will be both a visual guide and a written guide.

Visual Guide:
[Image: Shadows_Tutorial.png]

Written Guide:
To turn on shadows, simply tap the little sun icon in the bottom right.
To change the shadow's colour, tap and drag your finger to the colour you'd like.
by coolclaws7 at 04-22-2019, 09:55 PM
Me and a couple of other users (according to reviews and personal friends) keep ending up stuck on the loading screen. The blank dog is moving but the loading bar never appears and even after twenty minutes and several reopenings.
by Andes at 04-21-2019, 10:03 PM
This is something new for me, so I'm pretty excited! The game is super cute and I can see it has a lot of potential for being a game I could spend a lot of time playing.

My name's Andrew! I'm a 24 year-old Trans dude living in Alabama. Some of my favorite things include wolves, Pokemon, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, storms and coffee! I'm a furry, Therian and am legally blind.

Feel free to ask anything you like!
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