by frenchtoaster at 10-03-2021, 06:46 AM
what is happening im on the toilet shredding 60 pounds of sweat from this massive poop.. ok imfrehnch i live in the dicovrd or something Shy Angel Rolleyes [Image: 1633243581_980483e4a41bcb4f45d06c5f55d300a5.png]
by hypligdrika at 10-02-2021, 12:47 AM
Alright, sorry for the sudden tone of excitement that has emitted from the title of this thread, but hi! I am hypligdrika, also known as Hylighter. I am just a weird person that likes diamonds and hexagons. You may also know me from Pixel Petz by the same username. I recently joined this forum, and I gotta say, this looks fun!

And the draw image feature??? IT'S AMAZING.
[Image: 1633134598_f0e07956d3c93be162c433a87786838b.png]
(fun fact i made this using my mouse)

Anyways, continuing on with my introduction, I don't only love diamonds (or as they say, rhombuses) & hexagons, as I also love to draw. A lot. I also love games and music! A great majority of the music I love comes from rhythm games, and the official soundtracks from some of the games I love.

I have no idea what else I should say next in this post other than the fact that I'm excited to see everything that the website has, and hope that I'll get along with a lot of people here.
[Image: 1633135112_493ad94e1b3c8511c0cdb3ff63364a7f.png]

You all can also ask me questions if you also wanna know more 'bout me. Yuh.
But anyways, I'll conclude my post here. Can't wait to see familiar and new faces here!
[Image: 1633135440_a852f5b7ecb0f29861a81fdf61b90c11.png]

[Image: 1633135745_fa489a3b694d3084ce140889aea999e1.png]
by Signum at 09-30-2021, 01:24 AM
* uhmmmm my name is chara ! pronouns are they / it
* i have no idea what this sites abt tbh but it seems cool ^_^
* im obsessed with hollow knight , photography , and creative writing ! though mustering up motivation 4 the latter is hard . im also a sophomore in high school , so thats cool
* i usually post art on my twitter (@ Sig__num) but my drawing tablets broken so i just ramble there now LOLLL

* uhh yeah thats it !! im glad 2 be here , this place seems cool
[Image: 1632964970_a9c140cc1c971fd7ec0682f3aae193d3.png]
by SnowdinDoggo at 09-29-2021, 01:00 PM
mm id love to have adventure mode quests cause currently theres not really a reason for fishing a lot [Image: 1632920417_6a4a68f0f8391b29f1947b57a49c77dc.png][Image: 1632920417_0cf803d013050ccd9d9735d9e3464786.png]
by Dawnsjen at 09-29-2021, 07:29 AM
How are ya'll today? ^^
by SnowdinDoggo at 09-29-2021, 07:27 AM
I ams SnowdinDoggo, ruler of idk weird stuff

i like choccy milk, cake, dragons, garlic bread etc

i DM for d&d so pretty busy sometimes lol

my bday is the 29th of june

[Image: 1632900485_a902d513c9340ebe767a5b182263731d.png]
by ghobsmacka at 09-29-2021, 07:00 AM
by LonelyChicken at 09-29-2021, 04:21 AM
Hi, I am LonelyChicken, I love to talk to others but have trouble sometimes, but I would love to get to know you all and help any of you when you need me.
by birdio at 09-29-2021, 02:37 AM
My name is birdio! I like pixing cute small things because that's easiest >:D

[Image: 1632883033_30c1fd42d9bca7baf4433309d3c259a7.png]

[Image: 1632882661_cc657ebb0c6b8293ebe85c972e47f3b9.png]
by sketchi at 09-28-2021, 08:10 AM
got rid of a bunch of spammers and updated the forum stuff! still looking through activations, whoops. haven't checked this in a while!

[Image: 1632816620_1871883d8a38f6a00a2cf5bc0d4850f0.png]
nice to see the drawing plugin still works though!
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