by Laegume-Kiwi at 03-21-2019, 01:53 AM
(This post will be updated the more I get ideas and such. I will now also add the dates of when I posted my pinned ideas. Since this thread is a bit old, and I don’t remember when it was originally created, I’m just going to put the oldest ideas under the date 3/24/2019.)

Edit: (5/12/2019) There’s been so many new added features, like daily bonuses, being able to earn gems by logging in for a whole week, more contests for more people to join, being able to delete comments, edit your own pets- Can we all just appreciate that for a second? I absolutely love those features and I can’t wait for more to come. <33

Thank you so much Sketchi and their team. 
Also Miki’s an admin now?! :0c Congrats! <3 

Original: (3/24/2019) OKAY I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GAME, THE HECK- I’ve been playing for at least a week now and it’s super fun, and there’s so much space to improve so I’m hyped about future updates. x> Also the fact that @/sketchi and @/Miki follow me, it makes me feel- I don’t know if there’s a word for this, but it makes me feel remembered, and boosts my extremely low self esteem— you know?? Like that feeling where you haven’t been forgotten, something like that anyway.. ^^; I like how the pets age, it adds a nice realistic feel to the game. (And I’m so glad there’s NO dying, dying makes me cry. It happens enough as it is irl.)

Note to self: I also have another thread mentioning a glitch.
Note to self yet again; I have another post mentioning another glitch.

Some ideas that should be considered to be added are; 
  • 3/24/2019Maybe allow people to have their own bios, (it’d mean a lot to me if I could have my own bio so that people know my pronouns without having to ask me.)
  • 3/24/2019Maybe more clothing because yeah, also what if we could design our own clothing?!
    But the clothing will have bases like when we create our pets. 
  • 3/24/2019The ability to edit your pet even after you’ve finished creating them. 
  • 3/24/2019The ability to either edit, or delete, your own comments. (If you don’t agree with the whole deleting comment idea, that’s okay, but it’d really help if we could edit our comments. Sometimes I make typos and I wish I could edit them out.)
  • 3/24/2019The ability to see the trading history of a pet, (a side bar to tap on it, and then to see it though.)
    I don’t know, lately I’ve just been wanting to see how much my cloned pets have traded around or not.
  • [i]4/10/2019: [/i]Users having the ability to disable the comment sections of some of their specific pets.
    (If they want to do so because of reasons.)
  • 4/11/2019: Users having the ability to report pets that are copies of theirs, while also inserting the ID of their pet as proof that they were the original creator of the design. (So that will take down the rip-off version of their hard work.)
  • 4/11/2019: When waiting on the loading screen on the game, game tips will appear for players to read over.
    One of them being; "Be original! Don't copy others designs."
  • [i]4/11/2019[/i][i]: [/i]The ability for viewers to see all of the pets a user has made, (to also keep track on your designs.) This would also add onto my BIO profile idea, where next to the bio, there'll be an option to see all of your designs. (Traded ones and ones you kept.)
  • [i]4/11/2019[/i][i]: [/i](This is an idea for the future pet shop.) Users may not be allowed to sell pets they got from trades/pets they didn't create/Users may ALSO not be allowed to re-sell pets they bought from others.
  • 5/12/2019: You might see this as silly, but I was wondering if there could be genderless/gender neutral pets. I understand that might seem ‘unrealistic’ l but some of my pets just seem very gender neutral to me, and don’t seem to fit under the “male/female” categories.
  • 5/12/2019: Mini games as an extra option to earn coinz, would be a cute idea, and a great way to pass the time. <3 xd
Glitches that I keep encountering are;
  • 3/24/2019: When I give my pets jobs to do, and the come back after an hour— I go to tap on them finishing their jobes, but the “ok” button isn’t there. So then I leave the app, and then come back, I realize my pet is gone. But when I look in all of my boxes, the numbers say that specific pet is there, but they aren’t physically there. I’ve found out how to deal with this glitch though, I simply search up myself in the user search bar, go onto my profile, look at my boxes from the viewer, and then cancel that specific pet’s job. (Effectively actually bringing them back into my boxes, but this is slightly disappointing because then after waiting an hour, I wasn’t able to get anything from it. So hopefully this gets fixed in the future.) So if you deal with the same thing, you should do what I do. Honestly the first time this happened, I started to panic until I figured out how to fix this. :”))
  • 3/24/2019: When my pets finish their jobs, before I press on the ok button, I watch an ad to get extra coins/xp. Sometimes I watch an ad, and afterwards the game just kicks me off, and then my pet is suddenly “done” with their job, and in the living room. (Which effectively gives me nothing and that means waiting another hour, I gained nothing. :”)
  • 3/24/2019: Recently I traded one of my pets with someone, it says I own the pet but I can’t find the pet in the box. I have no idea how to fix this issue, I tried searching myself up but even when I looked at my profile from the viewer, it doesn’t show that pet in any of my boxes at all.
  • 4/10/2019Another thing I’d like to talk about is the whole feed glitch, I know this was mentioned before but I want to speak up about it anyway. :’> It’s just a bit annoying and I can’t really go through the feed properly because of it, plus the whole amount of likes are just.. woah. :’0
by ChibiMango at 03-17-2019, 04:22 PM
I'm Sami!  When I was browsing the internet a few years ago, I discovered the 90s series of games called Petz!  Once I got my hands on a copy of the game, I played constantly!  I was sad that Ubisoft had turned the series into a Nintendogs knockoff. 

But recently, I found this game!  It's so much like the original Petz games!  I play a lot of virtual pet games, and it's almost everything I want in a pet game!

My ingame name is ChibiMango, and I use my phone usually, it's an android one.
by Miki at 03-17-2019, 10:16 AM
Hey guys! I'm back again with another giveaway.
This time, it's a simply stunning rainbow pup!
To get her, send a trade for her anytime during March 17th.
This giveaway will go by the PST timezone.

[Image: 6cfc56a9055aeb46bdba6b9a72d2cca4.png]

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
by deku! at 03-15-2019, 03:42 AM
i cant seem to get on my pixel petz which is registered to the email address of this account. was the data wiped?
by Miki at 03-12-2019, 10:54 AM
Hello everybody!
I have created a Pixel Petz Discord server that you are free to join!
Discord is an app/program that allows you to chat through text, voice, or both.
As long as you're in the same server, you're good to go!

I'm really hoping to see some of you come and join in on the fun.
We can share pictures and actively chat there! It'll be fun. ^^

by Miki at 03-09-2019, 02:00 PM
Hey, I'm pretty sure you're probably aware of this bug by now but when I go to submit my votes it just stays at this screen until I exit. Other players have also said they've ran into this problem as well.
[Image: 2538b50aa18f63fcf825d7dd57f63d8a.png]
by UltimateKitty at 03-08-2019, 08:19 PM
After making a pet and pressing the purchase button, even with no extra parts added, the button just doesn’t do anything even though I have enough coins. My game is also fully updated. I’m playing on iOS. Any idea why this is happening? I’ve tried restarting the game and reinstalling it but it didn’t seem to help.
by Miki at 03-08-2019, 02:56 PM
I would like to start off by explaining why I named this thread "Miki's Suggestions";
 after I post the ideas I have now, I'll probably have more later on that I want to add.
Anyway, back to the post.

Some suggestions/ideas I have for possible features, add-ons, etc for the app are as follows:

  • Preview clothing while creating petz (for those who want to make a pet just to match clothes)
  • The ability to name your boxes
  • The ability to buy additional boxes
  • Sharing/advertising entire boxes on feed
  • Decorate your own profile card similar to how you can design petz (pixel art!)
by Sharebear at 03-04-2019, 12:51 AM
Out of idle curiosity, how was the final 96 color petz palette chosen? 

More generally, what's your favorite colors to use? Which ones do you tend to neglect? 
Personally I always find myself going for the cream/tan/brown shades and I don't think I've ever actually used purple, oops! Actually, I'd like to start using more bright non-natural colors in general!
by Laegume-Kiwi at 03-02-2019, 09:08 PM
I hesitated to even start writing this because I’m awkward, beyond awkward actually and I’m rarely online lmao. But I do need to points, to change my username, so hh- here’s a post from me.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- hi. I’m Kiwi, I don’t really know what to say so I’m going with the flow and saying everything that pops out of my head. If you couldn’t tell already, or you were too lazy to go onto my profile bio, I’m Non Binary and my pronouns are; “They/Them.” If you have any questions, I absolutely would be happy to answer them because I love educating people.

Despite being apart of this website for almost a year now, the layout still confuses me at times lmao. I wish I understood how to use the drawing widget on this website, so I can be apart of the “draw that character” forum. I tried once, didn’t work out well— what a pity. I’ve started to see people post pictures of their pets and it makes me so jelly because I wish I could play like everyone else. ;”( But I can’t, because my grades aren’t the most appealing rn, so if I asked my parents to get the app, I’d get instantly rejected. 

Things I do for fun, I guess, is overthink, stress eat, suffer art block, play Roblox because I’m just that childish, make art gifts for others, create character designs, make adoptables and post them but nobody gets really interested so I stay broke, also I spam people when I’m having anxiety attacks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know, if you’re interested as to what my art looks like, I’ll be posting my DA link onto my profile again soon. (You have to be a user on that website to see my stuff though, I made my settings like that in an attempt to shoo away art thieves. ^^;)
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