by fantasyunicorn at 02-14-2019, 01:58 AM
So I got that doubling pets/items glitch I know you already know about, then went to view another player’s pet and it was showing up in my room alongside my pets?


I don’t know whether it’s related to the doubling glitch or if you already know about it, but I figured I should report it anyway.
by Sharebear at 02-11-2019, 04:52 PM
I feel the best way to explain what's happening is to just describe the process of doing it, with plenty of pictures.

[Image: G1kq50x.png]
-Open the Petz Creator
-Under the dog tab, select "Blank"

[Image: WrqL61Y.png]
-Swap the mouth to this wide Boxer/Bulldog styled one 

[Image: BBWAGWk.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with 1 color

[Image: 5hebfmT.png][Image: UfRinw0.png]
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: KLaXZdW.png]
-Swap the mouth back to the original

[Image: Cx9qmTi.png][Image: aj2xjdc.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with a different color
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: VscGLXd.png]
-Hit the undo button until...
-??? nose: reduced to 2 pixels and a shadow.

[Image: hxQCob6.png]
-This pet can now be colored, have other body parts swapped and modified, shadows turned on/off, etc normally, with a weird nose.

-In theory, this can be done with any pair of body part variants. 2 noses, 2 heads, etc. Some probably have no change, and some are probably more "useful" than others, but I haven't rigorously tested this. Doing it with outlines on the edge of the pet causes parts of them to turn transparent.

Forgive me for rather large screenshots I hastily reduced the size by 50 and prayed it was good enough.

Edit: Paint can filling is, as suspected, not necessary. Toggling shadows off/on is what causes this.
by Juni at 02-08-2019, 07:07 PM
Taking offers on these Petz! I’m looking for others of similar quality. A few also have low ID numbers, if that matters to anyone! My favorites are unique Petz, dragon-like pets, and other animal (Bunnies, cats, wildcats) Petz! My username is Juni and this is box 2. Thanks! ^w^
by fantasyunicorn at 02-04-2019, 08:56 PM

Whenever I try to watch an ad to double the coins and experience from a job, the ad plays normally, but afterwards I don’t get the reward and the OK button is messed up. Also, I can’t tap the OK button to get out of it. So I have to restart the app.
by AceOfTricks at 01-24-2019, 05:32 PM
I have 267 gold and it keeps telling me a pet that is 150 is too much and telling me to remove things. It doesn't have anything left to remove. I've lost two designs I spent a lot of time on now. The first time it actually was too expensive. I left the creation screen to claim some gold and after the ad it froze so I restarted. I can only assume the first pet's cost is still stored somewhere and is making it impossible for me to make a new pet.
[Image: 50590620_641571879617505_182359206390031...e=5CCB2D40]

On a side note, storing pet designs you can't afford yet in something like the load screen would be amazing and I wouldn't have to worry about having to redraw those two designs if something like this happened again.

I tried reinstalling and it seemed to fix it again for a moment. When I clicked on the blank dog it said I didn't have enough money again. I can't make new pets. I'm going to be really afraid to click the ads for double coins after this.

Created another account to try to play a little more ... and instead of it saying it is too expensive, on the second pet the purchase button just isn't clickable. No crashes up to this point, didn't do any of the doubling ads. It just plain won't let me have a second pet. I spent a lot of time on this pet ... again ... thinking it was going to work. x_x

Tried signing in on an older Android phone. Same problem.
by Miki at 01-24-2019, 12:31 AM
Hey, I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but for me specifically, I cannot create any Petz after the latest version.

I originally went to create a pet for my Youtube channel to showcase the creation system. I spent an hour recording and creating the most adorable little dog, but when I pressed "ADOPT", it didn't do anything.
I figured maybe it really did create the pet, so I restarted my app to check. Nope!
My pet was not created, and I also noticed that it took the money from me for the creation I never got.

Me being understanding, I spent an extra hour recreating the same pet, only for it to happen again.
[Image: 3f32e67a7af164a1c37749cc9149181a.png]
The only thing it lets me do is retake pictures. I cannot press adopt, and I cannot press the back arrow.
I also assume that if I restart it will take my money again.

I hope that this will be resolved ASAP, as making petz is one of the biggest features on the app.
by Miki at 01-19-2019, 06:09 AM
Hey, I've been having this problem since about an hour ago, and have tried everything (logged out, uninstalled, restarted, etc). I made a new petz and afterwards tried to take out one of my oldest petz Angel. She's the one in my profile picture. Anyway, I couldn't bring her out from the + button, and when I dragged her into my petz list directly through the petz window, she was added but my app froze when I tried to exit the petz menu. So, I restarted and every time now, this is what I see.

[Image: 2dbe2a54418146937c0f9683dd6e318b.png]

The screen is dimmed, and I can't press any of the buttons. It doesn't say Angel is in my petz list anymore, either. I'm not sure what is causing this, but I am very certain that maybe it has to do with Angel? This glitch has caused me to not be able to play now. I hope you can fix it somehow. ><
by fantasyunicorn at 01-12-2019, 05:53 PM
Found another glitch. If you change the room decorations and then switch to another screen and back or close and reopen the app, the room appears as default. The room customization screen will still remember what you picked, though. You have to go to the customization screen again to make it reappear.
by Laegume-Kiwi at 01-08-2019, 09:58 PM
Basically I’ve been here for a long time, recently I just remembered this website, and for about a month it took me to remember my username, AND password.

I really need to change my username, and I don’t have enough points. So I saw this thread, and it took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to post a thread. :”))) Please don’t laugh at me. ( ; u ; ) I know, I’m a noob.

I’ve seen some posts where people talk about creating pets, and about the app. I was wondering where I could find the app, ever since I saw the ad for the game last year, I’ve been waiting forever for the app. Honestly, without patience.

Now that I see people are getting the app, I’m curious as to which app stores are the app available in? Unfortunately for me, I only use Apple products, so if the app isn’t available in the Apple store, I won’t be able to download the app until then. *sobs internally*

So for now, I’m just focusing on earning points, in whatever way I can. Which I don’t know many so rip. :’> I see that people are offering art for points and luckily- I know how to draw.

I’m not sure as to how to display my art here, but my DeviantArt page is called @/Laegume-Kiwi. There you can see examples of my art. (Most of my posts are private to keep away art thieves, so you must make an account to see ALL of my art pieces.)

I just need 70 points so I can update my username, I draw people’s OCs ONLY, not official cartoon characters, I just don’t get that much inspiration from official characters like I do from OCs.
by Happykitty56 at 01-03-2019, 01:55 AM
My best friend, sometimes I talk about her she had two rats, but one just passed lately her name was Zoey, she was orange and white, I came over to her house we buried her, but after we played and had tons of fun and she felt a lot better
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