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Hey, I'm Sasha :D - Sasha - 07-31-2018

Well, hello everyone! I'm a petz community member and a Chickensmoothie member (username: Bilaz) so this seems to be the perfect place for me. Big Grin. For petz I run a crew site called Hemlighet (it's just hemlighet.eu) and I love Russian music, Eurovision, Star Trek and I'm working on an original story. I think that's about it but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

RE: Hey, I'm Sasha :D - Pet - 07-31-2018

Welcome to the Pixel Petz Club!

If you're interested in our "Pixel Petz" game, please wait until either you got a beta invitation or the game has released for public!

RE: Hey, I'm Sasha :D - sketchi - 08-01-2018

welcome sasha!

RE: Hey, I'm Sasha :D - Sasha - 08-02-2018

Thank you very much for the welcome, both of you! I already got into the beta so I'm just trying to draw some things, I'm not very good at it if I'm honest.