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Hi i'm Leffe :3 - Leffe - 08-02-2018

Hello everyone! As you saw my name is Leffe, and i came here today from chicken smoothie. I saw someone having a pixel petz, i clickid on it, and i got on the CS forum. then i subscribed to the newspaper and registered hereĀ (sorry if i spell it wrong). Well, everything lookis pretty cool, but i dont know what to do in here. Can someone pm me what can i do? thanks :3 Also, how do i join the beta?

RE: Hi i'm Leffe :3 - sketchi - 08-04-2018

hey there! this is just a discussion and bug report forum for the upcoming app Pixel Petz, you can feel free to chat about other stuff too. if you've already signed up for the mailing list, then just wait for a future invitation! we have to make sure our servers are smooth before inviting more people, currently the server is maxed out. >0<

RE: Hi i'm Leffe :3 - Leffe - 08-05-2018

Oh ok Smile Thanks for telling me Big Grin[Image: 1533495713_8aa45f4798ebc30377afbc4eb5c7c4a9.png]