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Hi! :D - Juni - 08-08-2018

Hey! I’m Juni— my kitten’s name in real life, (I actually have 3, but their names aren’t as cute lol. They’re all awesome though!!) because it’s the only screen name I’ll never get tired of. Anyway, I found this through CS and fell in love! I’m actually not on the app yet, but I will be ASAP xD
I’m also a girl, on Mweor, Animal Jam/Play Wild and CS mostly but also a few others, and idk what else to say.
Anyway it’s midnight so I’m outta here until morning! Cya soon! <3

RE: Hi! :D - Pet - 08-08-2018

Hi, welcome to the Pixel Petz Club! : D

RE: Hi! :D - Juni - 08-08-2018

Hi! Thanks :D