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Eeee! (Invited!) - Juni - 09-26-2018

Just got my email saying I’ve been invited!! I should be joining once I get the confirmation <3
Anyway I’m super excited!! So I thought I’d make a post. Feel free to share when you were accepted (Anyone at the same time?) or your favorite parts of the game or anything on topic really! X3
(Not 100% sure if this is the right place to post, hopefully it is xd)

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - Pixelated_Prophecies - 09-26-2018

I got the email this morning! Once I get the download email, I'm going to download it as soon as I can!!

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - Juni - 09-27-2018

Cool! Me too Big Grin Can’t wait to start making petz!

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - sketchi - 09-27-2018

you guys will get the download on the very next update, which we're working hard to release asap (check over the weekend)! :'D looking forward to your petz!

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - JokerCat - 09-27-2018

I got my invite this week to ^_^

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - KingCanine - 09-28-2018

Same! I can't wait!

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - LynxieRG - 09-28-2018

I got the invite two days ago! I honestly forgot that it existed but now I'm insanely hyped and refreshing my inbox every couple of minutes because I'm incredibly impatient.

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - Juni - 09-28-2018

@Sketchi: Awesome, thanks so much!! Can't wait Big Grin
@Joker, Canine, and Lynxie: Noice! This is gonna be awesome <3

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - deku! - 09-29-2018

this is probably a late reply, but i can't wait either! they said they're gonna email me the download link in a week, and it's really exciting!

RE: Eeee! (Invited!) - Juni - 09-29-2018

Not too late at all! And cool, me too! X3