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Glitch in Petz creator - UltimateKitty - 11-18-2018

I was in the middle of making a design (coloring it in, nowhere near the page where you add a name or anything) when it randomly finalizes my design without me even promptly g it to. The unfinished pet was placed into my room with no name or description. Im on iOS and running the most recent build. Not sure if this is a known bug or not, I’m sorry if it is.

The parts I used are no longer in my inventory. Also, for some weird reason in my active pets section it looks different than the actual pet. Screenshots are attached, the first image being the pet in my active pet selection and the second being what the pet looks like in my room.
[attachment=72] [attachment=73]

EDIT: It has happened once again. The same outcome as before. It appears to happen when I double tap to zoom in on a part, the left ear in particular.

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - HomicidalManda - 11-19-2018

Yeah this has happened to me several times! I tend not to buy stuff that requires gems anymore because of it. Sketchi is aware of it though and said she is going to get to fixing it asap!

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - UltimateKitty - 11-19-2018

Ok, coolio. I wish her luck in her endeavors ^^

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - sketchi - 11-20-2018

thanks for reporting and the screenshot! It should be fixed in the next update, also if you'd like a refund make a list of coinz/gemz the accident pet wasted and I'll add it back to your account. please PM me with your username & email!

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - Izarikan - 11-23-2018

After taking a box by a dog the box can't be placed right on the shelf[Image: df25ee77a526.png]

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - Izarikan - 11-23-2018

[Image: giphy.gif]

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - sketchi - 11-27-2018

(11-23-2018, 09:07 PM)Izarikan Wrote: [Image: giphy.gif]

this bug should be fixed in 0.0.13!

oii, is the early-publish bug still happening for anyone? D:

RE: Glitch in Petz creator - Happykitty56 - 12-01-2018

That exact thing happened to me!