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♡♡♡ Hello ♡♡♡ - FizzyPop - 12-03-2018


I am so happy I found the forums!  This game is a dream of mine. I found the beta on the app store for android. I've noticed a lot of people are from chickensmoothie, toyhouse, and flightrising, I've been on all of those websites in the past. I've also played the old petz 5 game, creature breeder,  and mweor if anyone remembers them. 

I'm a junior software engineer, I love programming, art, and crafts.  I find software based around cute animals irresistible. I'm surprised I hadn't stumbled upon this sooner xD you all were hiding.

I'm currently big on playing pathfinder, taking care of my cat, and being addicted to this game ♡

Nice to meet you, 

RE: ♡♡♡ Hello ♡♡♡ - fantasyunicorn - 12-04-2018

Welcome to the forums! No need to worry, it also took me a while to find this forum despite having the game XD

RE: ♡♡♡ Hello ♡♡♡ - sketchi - 12-10-2018

woah I've played everything else but never heard of creature breeder, gotta go check that out now!
welcome to the forums! Smile