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Christmas Giveaway! 2018 - Miki - 12-25-2018

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!
I created a little deer before I went to sleep last night named Noel.
When I woke up, many people were asking to trade for her.

[Image: b8afe16f42197c8e2d3586896b9ffdcf.png]

So...I decided I'll be making clones for everyone who sends a trade ONLY today!
The trade MUST be made on Christmas Day for it to qualify.
My name on Pixel Petz is Miki.

I'll try to get the clones to you ASAP!
Have a wonderful Christmas everybody!

RE: Christmas Giveaway! 2018 - fantasyunicorn - 12-26-2018

That's super nice of you! Merry Christmas Smile

RE: Christmas Giveaway! 2018 - Miki - 12-26-2018

(12-26-2018, 02:04 AM)fantasyunicorn Wrote: That's super nice of you! Merry Christmas Smile

Merry Christmas! Big Grin