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Cannot play game - UltimateKitty - 12-30-2018

This has been happening to me for a while now. The screen only shows a loading bar stuck as zero percent and that’s as far as I can get. When I tap on the screen, a clicking sound plays but that’s about it. I’m on iOS and the latest version of the game. I’ve reinstalled the game but the problem persists.

RE: Cannot play game - Miki - 12-30-2018

Hi! This isn't exactly a solution but just a recommendation from me...do you happen to have an actual account? or was it just a guest account?
If you have an actual account you could always use what I use- Bluestacks.
Basically if you have a PC you can play any app on it if you have that.
It's worth a shot to see if you still have the 0% problem using an "Android" device?

RE: Cannot play game - sketchi - 12-31-2018

We're working on the loading scene, it is definitely temperamental at times and refuses to load despite things being loaded! Hopefully the next update addresses this properly.