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Shadows & Lineart/Outlines Glitch - Sharebear - 02-11-2019

I feel the best way to explain what's happening is to just describe the process of doing it, with plenty of pictures.

[Image: G1kq50x.png]
-Open the Petz Creator
-Under the dog tab, select "Blank"

[Image: WrqL61Y.png]
-Swap the mouth to this wide Boxer/Bulldog styled one 

[Image: BBWAGWk.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with 1 color

[Image: 5hebfmT.png][Image: UfRinw0.png]
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: KLaXZdW.png]
-Swap the mouth back to the original

[Image: Cx9qmTi.png][Image: aj2xjdc.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with a different color
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: VscGLXd.png]
-Hit the undo button until...
-??? nose: reduced to 2 pixels and a shadow.

[Image: hxQCob6.png]
-This pet can now be colored, have other body parts swapped and modified, shadows turned on/off, etc normally, with a weird nose.

-In theory, this can be done with any pair of body part variants. 2 noses, 2 heads, etc. Some probably have no change, and some are probably more "useful" than others, but I haven't rigorously tested this. Doing it with outlines on the edge of the pet causes parts of them to turn transparent.

Forgive me for rather large screenshots I hastily reduced the size by 50 and prayed it was good enough.

Edit: Paint can filling is, as suspected, not necessary. Toggling shadows off/on is what causes this.

RE: Shadows & Lineart/Outlines Glitch - Sharebear - 02-11-2019

Combinations I personally find interesting here, listed as original body part/second body part/result
[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: 6jK1Zx2.png][Image: sCfb9Q3.png]broad nose, smirk

[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: 01MmQlA.png][Image: DC9Zh9Q.png]broad nose, flatter/smaller 
[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: fWn6LFz.png][Image: jjujWIy.png]small nose, 1 snaggle tooth

forgive me for double-posting i reached the image limit in the first post

RE: Shadows & Lineart/Outlines Glitch - fantasyunicorn - 02-12-2019

I guess this explains all the weird/glitchy pets I've been seeing lately XD

RE: Shadows & Lineart/Outlines Glitch - sketchi - 02-12-2019

thank you for the detailed explanation! omg xD
that's pretty cool what you can do with it though! I'll definitely add more body parts to choose from soon. x3