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Pixel Petz Color Palette - Sharebear - 03-04-2019

Out of idle curiosity, how was the final 96 color petz palette chosen? 

More generally, what's your favorite colors to use? Which ones do you tend to neglect? 
Personally I always find myself going for the cream/tan/brown shades and I don't think I've ever actually used purple, oops! Actually, I'd like to start using more bright non-natural colors in general!

RE: Pixel Petz Color Palette - Miki - 03-04-2019

For me I try to be creative and use as many of the colours as possible! Most importantly though I always have 1 black and 1 white on my palette when creating. Before I even think of what kind of pet I want to create, I always think of the colour first. What personality will my pet represent? What colours work well together? Is there a common theme? All of those go into my final decision.

Bonus info: My fav personal colours are pink+green. c:

RE: Pixel Petz Color Palette - sketchi - 03-05-2019

to choose the colors, I decided on monochromes (black gray white) and rainbows (roygbiv) with extra "natural" coat colors, like rust, brown, cream, gray, etc.
if there's ever a color you feel is missing, please let me know about it and I can always consider expanding the palette!