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Miki's Suggestions - Miki - 03-08-2019

I would like to start off by explaining why I named this thread "Miki's Suggestions";
 after I post the ideas I have now, I'll probably have more later on that I want to add.
Anyway, back to the post.

Some suggestions/ideas I have for possible features, add-ons, etc for the app are as follows:

  • Preview clothing while creating petz (for those who want to make a pet just to match clothes)
  • The ability to name your boxes
  • The ability to buy additional boxes
  • Sharing/advertising entire boxes on feed
  • Decorate your own profile card similar to how you can design petz (pixel art!)

RE: Miki's Suggestions - Juni - 05-10-2019

Omg yes to all but especially the profile art thing o.O That would be amazing!! (Also the advertising entire boxes would be so cool uwu)