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Giveaway - Peanut - Miki - 04-07-2019

[Image: fd42e1f3a58b6aa69a7be9ec912338fb.png]
Petz name: Peanut
My username: Miki

Peanut is a shy boy who just wants love. He is the petz giveaway that I promised would use gemz.
I will only be making 9 copies of him to give away, so there will be 9 winners!
All you have to do is like all of my petz in Box 1 and comment "Done" on my Peanut.
The giveaway will end on
April 10th, where winners will be chosen at random.

RE: Giveaway - Peanut - JazzyDude - 04-07-2019

I think it's so cool that you care about this, and give petz to people who need them!