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Blocked user comments. - Laegume-Kiwi - 04-11-2019

I know I made a forum about glitches, but this one seems a little important so I’m making a separate page for it.

Today someone posted a judgemental comment on one of newest pets, Kabuki. So then I replied, and then afterwards blocked them. I realized after I did so, I could not see their comment anymore.

Half an hour or so later, @/CosmicCookie replied to that person, but I couldn’t see the comment thread. So then I asked them, can you see this person’s comment? And they replied yes. (So then I asked them to send me a screenshot on Disc. Please take a look at it.) [attachment=84]

The whole point of this is, I’d like it if once I block someone, not only can I no longer see what they posted, but others cannot see that person’s post as well. (Because I just overall don’t want comments like that left in my comment section for all to see.)

RE: Blocked user comments. - sketchi - 04-11-2019

I understand! We're working on a 'delete' comment feature where you'll be able to delete comments on your own petz' page, but it's giving us more trouble than we thought. It's definitely a planned feature though!

RE: Blocked user comments. - Laegume-Kiwi - 04-11-2019

Thank you so much! x>
(For overall reading this and replying.)