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QUESTION: Pet Creation Overwrite? - BMAC - 11-21-2019

Hi, this might be a dumb question but I can't find the answer and don't want to risk losing my pets by finding out for myself lol, but when I'm on the pawprint menu, where it says "Create Your Own," if I have already saved three designs there, will I lose those pets if I basically reset them and design new ones?

If it matters, one of them has been bought/created and I own it, the other two I'm saving up to buy.

Thanks so much for helping a poor newbie in advance lol. I love this app so far.

RE: QUESTION: Pet Creation Overwrite? - Teenwreckless - 01-15-2020

Hi! If you were still looking for the answer to this question, the answer (right now, at least) is that if you have not 'produced' an actual pet from a design, it will be overwritten. Since petz can be edited and cloned easily now regardless if you own them (so long as you made them) this makes it a slightly better system. Basically, if you want to keep a design for later, either don't touch it in the editor when starting a new pet, or produce it as-is and keep the pet itself for further editing and cloning. Hope this helps! <3