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Hi-lo - Shade - 06-08-2018

Hello, I found out about the app/forum from the FB petz group "The Community" in the petz community I go by Shade there as well. 

A bit about me. I just graduated with my BA in English. I was majoring in elementary ed-concentration in math and made it all the way to my internship and realized there was no way I was going to be able to do it.  I'm a huge book nerd. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. My favorite author is Neil Gaiman who I was introduced to by the sandman comics. My favorite genre is probably romance. 

In real life I have 4 rats: Byron a champagne dumbo, Percy a REW, Beowulf(Beo) a black rat with white mittens, and Grendel a black hooded boy. I have a long haired dachshund named Wrangler(Wrang), my girlfriend has a chiuahuah named Alabama(Bama). I have a calico named Cleopatra(Cleo) and my girlfriend has some kind of pointed cat named Smudge. My girlfriend also has 2 ferrets one albino named Jim and one who is also mostly white but not albino named Harvey. 

Besides Petz I play Pokemon a lot and collect tarot/Oracle cards which I love reading and talking about.

RE: Hi-lo - Bre - 06-08-2018

Good to see you here Shade! Big Grin


RE: Hi-lo - sketchi - 06-11-2018

YES rats! I loooove rats (but don't own any right now). :'D feel free to share some photos of your ratties in this thread!

RE: Hi-lo - sketchi - 06-11-2018

oh and welcome! hope you have a nice time around here! Smile