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Hello! (About me) - Asterlie - 06-10-2018

I found this from sketchi on Chicken Smoothie (one of my all time favorite sites) and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for Pixel Pets to fully release <3

I'm a 16 yo aspiring to become an animator and hoping to do realistic digital art. I am a huge music fanatic (mostly an electro lover) and I've heard many songs from many genres. I hope to have either a job as a real estate agent or have YouTube as a full time job. 

I enjoy chatting with others (especially on Chicken Smoothie) and if anyone's interested in helping out with my own adoptables on Chicken Smoothie, comment or PM me there! I own Little Bats.

RE: Hello! (About me) - DoggoDog - 06-10-2018

Welcome to pixelpetz. ^^

RE: Hello! (About me) - sketchi - 06-11-2018

animator, real estate agent, and youtube?? oh my, what a variety! xD that's awesome, and welcome! cute bats. ;3