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What were the latest books you’ve read?
Have you read any good books lately? Let’s chat a bit about it!!

Tell us a bit about some of the latest books you’ve read!! Obviously keep it PG and try to reserve descriptions to a single post or two..
But who knows, maybe the books you share could turn out to be somebody’s new favourite!! Comics, novels and all sorts of written storytelling mediums are allowed!!

I’ll start, by saying I’ve been recently reading Yugioh’s manga, and while I’m still super early in(chapter 5)...-
But the basic jist that I’ve gotten is that Yugi(our main character) is bounded to a dangerous artifact, and under certain circumstances(That revolve around his wish he made to the artifact, about protecting his friends..) he will enter a trancelike state under the influence of this artifact and will challenge wrongdoers to play “Shadow Games”. They’re fairly easy and fair, though if any side does wrong against their opponent, they’ll get a penalty, and face an unescapable challenge that peers deep into their psyche...
It’s very good so far! I probably got things wrong but I’ve been enjoying it!! :D

What have you read recently?
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