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A few part suggestions!
Hi! I have some ideas for pet parts, so here they are ^u^
1: Dragon set! I want this very badly because I’ve wanted to make Petz based on dragons, but the feathered wings don’t quite fit them. (And I couldn’t afford them but that’s okay, gotta keep them rare!) But anyway:
Head: One with horns?
Tail: Maybe one with a spike at the end, or just a reptile tail?
Body: Dragon wings!
The eyes/mouth seem good, although maybe a dragon mouth if that would work!

2: Tail ideas: A giant fluffy one or a tailless option? Maybe a lion tail?
3: Body ideas: Spikes on the back? A slim one or a chunky one? A fluff cloud type thing? Not sure about these, lol
4: Eyes: 3 eyes or 4, although this seems possible already with some dark pixels in the right shape! Maybe also some crossed eyes?
5: A grumpy mouth? Not many ideas here.
6: And finally head ideas...But I don’t have any right now.
7: Oh right, cat ears for the random desire to make tons of cats in a dog game. Which I’m totally cool with xD
Juni / Female / On Pixel Petz! (Username is Juni)
Couldn’t join bc of an irl problem but I’m here now! :3
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