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Poll: how do you think we can help the rain forest?
This poll is closed.
donate to a fund for the rainforest
2 22.22%
spread the word
2 22.22%
help conserve water, and recycle
2 22.22%
tell people about it
2 22.22%
help in another way
1 11.11%
Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Saving the Amazon Rainforest
Quote:one person can change the world -diffla

Heart Idea HELLO GAMERS! its diffla. i recently started a campaign on pixel petz for the amazon rainforest!  its called: #SaveTheAmazonRainForest  many people dont know, but the rainforest is burning!!!! many rare plants, animals, insects and reptiles are being killed! for more info on how you can help, read the camapigns mascot on pixel petz bio, her name is rain forest. {my user: diffla} if you want to be my campaign partner, pm me or comment!

Quote:"always be yourself, dont let what others say about you change who you are"


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