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Missing Features List and Discussion
(10-08-2018, 08:19 PM)Fuzzy Keldeo Wrote: Do you think you’ll ever add the ability to edit already made pets?? I already notice when I make some pets, theres either a miniscule detail I could’ve fixed, or even if I just forgot to turn the shading back on while I’m editing! x_x It’d be golden if that’s a feature you’d be adding in the future!!

Also, you’ll be adding the ability to rotate between visible pets in your home in the future, right? Big Grin

ah yes definitely, but rather than edit existing petz it'd more likely be load a previously created pet. then you can edit as much as you want into a new pet.

and yep, pet sorting is the very next feature we're working on! hoping to get it in for this weekend's update!

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