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Missing Features List and Discussion
That looks good! But, in my own personal opinion, I feel like "Petz shop", "Explore/search" and saving your Petz to your camera roll/etc should be higher up on the list :>

Profile customization isn't 100% necessary, at least not yet, so I think that it could go down a little bit on the list, maybe? But searching for users and pets could help a lot with finding your friends, as well as finding users or Petz while pairing with the trading feature!! Then the Petz shop also seems important, but saving Petz to someone's camera roll would probably just be a feature that users would really like- I'm sure ppl would love showing off their Petz asap, but it probably doesn't belong too high up on the list, either ^^!

Otherwise I think this looks great and I can't wait to finally play the game!! :D Keep up all the great work!

(ALSO, what's "Restore draft to default" do?? :0 Is that for when you're making a new pet and want to restart while colouring the base, from scratch? Thank you!! :D)
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