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Hey there!
Hi everyone!  I'm Bre(I actually need to earn some pointz to change my name because I'm Bre in the app and for some reason I signed up here as itsjustmebre LOL) and I found out about this place from Sketchi over on the Petz 4 & 5 facebook page "The Community" Big Grin  On Petz 4 & 5 forums I'm known as either vanillaice-petz or Vanilla!  I was super excited when I heard about this app, and I'm so excited to be testing the beta version <3

A little bit more about me, I'm 21 and going to college for a degree in animal science with a concentration in canines.  I'm a total dog nut.  This summer I'm interning with an organization that helps veterans with PTSD train their own service dogs.  It's really awesome because training service dogs is definitely what I was to do with my life.  I actually have my own service dog in training named Boomer who I'm training for myself as I am disabled! Smile   Here is a picture of him hard at work Smile

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all and helping get this awesome app on the road Big Grin

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