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Cool apps and websites to check out
I can list quite a few pretty cool apps and websites, in this thread you can post and suggest cool websites or apps you think people should know about!

I wanted to share some apps and websites, first ChickenSmoothie I saw a lot of people that found pixel PETZ from CS, if you don't know about it it's a fun website to collect and trade pets, there's an awesome game called RainbowTail, compatible with Apple and Android, and Discord, it's a cool chat website for gamers, that's all I have for now, Private Message me tell me how you liked them if you check them out!

I just checked, already 4 people checked out my thread thanks to you guys!

You can also check to find more cool games!
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If you guys were not sure you are aloud to post, it's alright
Has anyone checked out Discord, ChickenSmoothie, or RainbowTail?
I'm on CS! vanillaice-petz is my username Tongue Feel free to send me a friend request or trade or whatever :3

If you're into Pokemon I really enjoy Smile You can do all sorts of stuff like breeding, collecting, battling, trading, grow berries, enter contests, etc Smile

The thread was moved for not particularly discussing about Pixel Petz and into where people can deeply discuss about off-topic.

Well, I'd recommend you to try the browser Firefox for both desktop/laptop and smartphone; which you can customize the browser with powerful and useful Add-ons. Although, the app one is quite lagging compared to other browser apps but is still useful for that Add-ons can also be installed there, not only limited to Desktop one.
I am on CS but I was set to a COPPA player, so I can't really friend or do much stuff ?

K I set my account so I can be sent messages or contacted with email so we can chat and stuff, but I don't know how to friend request, my username is Happykitty56 on CS if u could friend me or something, ?
If you guys have Chromebooks at your school then I have a cool app that I like, and that I think you will like aswell! It's called Dell disco. It might only work for Dell Chromebooks, But anyway there's a light on the back of the Chromebook that will light up and with the app you can change it to a bunch of different colors.. Including rainbow. It's not exactly helpful in anyway but it looks cool, so.
I do have a chrome book at school but my teacher does not let us play games on it she only lets us do work ?
While trying to find this website again I looked up Pixel Pets instead of Petz and found a tamagotchi styled browser game. It's pretty cool.
Okay, I'll try checkin it out!

How do I pet my pets tho!?! My pet is crying!

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