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My leopard gecko (funny story)
So I have a story to share about my leopard gecko, so I'm sitting on my bed and I'm holding my leopard gecko and he starts to crawl up my arm and he sat on my shoulder a while then he starts to run, so I scream. My mom runs in "I LOST  THE LEOPARD GECKO!" Then I turn around, it's on my back.

Just so you know the leopard gecko is safe and sound back in his cage,
The thread was moved from Introductions board to Fireplace board because it is suitable to be posted here.

By the way, aww it must be such a worrying but thrilling moment!
Yeah, it was pretty scary. I also introduced him to my guinea pig, I might post it in a different thread.
omg you have a lot of interesting pets. any pics??
Yeah I have some pictures idk how to post them tho

I have pictures of my c
cat and Guinea Pig cuddling together
#6 !
I have a discord account, if u do just private message me if you wanna find out more, I can share pictures there too!
And when I get my Crested Gecko I'm sure he'll bring even more stories too!

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