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Hello from an old school Petz player!
[Image: 6fb077ed2e1c2e233c5a000ebc9911de.png]
Hello everyone! It's super nice to meet you all. ^^
My name is Miki, which is actually short for Mikiko, which is ACTUALLY a nickname.

So to start off, like the title says, I grew up playing the original Petz games (Petz 4, and 5 specifically).
I'm not sure if many of you will know what that is, but basically it was Pixel Petz but older and for PC.
Anyway, I was looking for new apps to try out that seemed casual and found this!

I was delighted to see that people actually still enjoy pet games. <3

Some simple details about myself:
  • Canadian
  • 22 yrs old (birthday was 6 days ago!)
  • Twin
  • Cat Lover
  • Fav colours - pink and green
  • NOT a pixel artist surprisingly
  • Android Emulator user

I really look forward to getting to know more of you and seeing your creations! :D
[Image: miki_signature.png]
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Hi, and welcome! ♥
ahh that pink petz is super cute! I also grew up playing the original petz games, so sad they were discontinued! :'D welcome~
(12-17-2018, 01:26 PM)fantasyunicorn Wrote: Hi, and welcome! ♥

Oh thank you so much! That is Angel, my first fully-customized Petz. <3
I'm so grateful the game still exists in some form.
[Image: miki_signature.png]

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