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Newest update glitch - unintentional clones!
So this happened when I exited the create a petz window after updating the app to the latest version (from Dec 21st, 2018).
[Image: 389ef1b8fcbe90d2d9fe6a306b99e3b6.png]
It could be that I play the game on an emulator, however I am able to interact with every single clone.
Would love to say though, it's nice seeing more than 3 petz on the screen. c:

Some gifs/videos of it:
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  • sketchi
your petz are sooo cute @_@
thanks for the report, working on it!
(12-27-2018, 01:28 AM)sketchi Wrote: your petz are sooo cute @_@
thanks for the report, working on it!

Oo thanks so much. <3
I was just wondering, what’s the app called? I know this sounds dumb but I’ve been waiting forever for the app, and now that I see this, I was just wondering where the app is and how can I find it. I also I have no idea how to make a new forum thread so sorry if my message is a bother. :”> (Also some extra information is, I use an iPad, I get the apps off of the Apple app store, so is the game available on the Apple app store? And if not, is there an online game somewhere, that uses flash, that I can play on my MacBook instead?)
Hello, I’m one of the few first people whom have joined this website, and I haven’t been here in forever, so yeah, I’m a bit lost on how to fix my profile lmao. :’>

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