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Shadows & Lineart/Outlines Glitch
I feel the best way to explain what's happening is to just describe the process of doing it, with plenty of pictures.

[Image: G1kq50x.png]
-Open the Petz Creator
-Under the dog tab, select "Blank"

[Image: WrqL61Y.png]
-Swap the mouth to this wide Boxer/Bulldog styled one 

[Image: BBWAGWk.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with 1 color

[Image: 5hebfmT.png][Image: UfRinw0.png]
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: KLaXZdW.png]
-Swap the mouth back to the original

[Image: Cx9qmTi.png][Image: aj2xjdc.png]
-Paintcan fill the pet with a different color
-Toggle shadows off and back on

[Image: VscGLXd.png]
-Hit the undo button until...
-??? nose: reduced to 2 pixels and a shadow.

[Image: hxQCob6.png]
-This pet can now be colored, have other body parts swapped and modified, shadows turned on/off, etc normally, with a weird nose.

-In theory, this can be done with any pair of body part variants. 2 noses, 2 heads, etc. Some probably have no change, and some are probably more "useful" than others, but I haven't rigorously tested this. Doing it with outlines on the edge of the pet causes parts of them to turn transparent.

Forgive me for rather large screenshots I hastily reduced the size by 50 and prayed it was good enough.

Edit: Paint can filling is, as suspected, not necessary. Toggling shadows off/on is what causes this.
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Combinations I personally find interesting here, listed as original body part/second body part/result
[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: 6jK1Zx2.png][Image: sCfb9Q3.png]broad nose, smirk

[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: 01MmQlA.png][Image: DC9Zh9Q.png]broad nose, flatter/smaller 
[Image: s9eodDL.png][Image: fWn6LFz.png][Image: jjujWIy.png]small nose, 1 snaggle tooth

forgive me for double-posting i reached the image limit in the first post
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I guess this explains all the weird/glitchy pets I've been seeing lately XD
thank you for the detailed explanation! omg xD
that's pretty cool what you can do with it though! I'll definitely add more body parts to choose from soon. x3

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