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*Yeets right on in* ;”)
I hesitated to even start writing this because I’m awkward, beyond awkward actually and I’m rarely online lmao. But I do need to points, to change my username, so hh- here’s a post from me.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- hi. I’m Kiwi, I don’t really know what to say so I’m going with the flow and saying everything that pops out of my head. If you couldn’t tell already, or you were too lazy to go onto my profile bio, I’m Non Binary and my pronouns are; “They/Them.” If you have any questions, I absolutely would be happy to answer them because I love educating people.

Despite being apart of this website for almost a year now, the layout still confuses me at times lmao. I wish I understood how to use the drawing widget on this website, so I can be apart of the “draw that character” forum. I tried once, didn’t work out well— what a pity. I’ve started to see people post pictures of their pets and it makes me so jelly because I wish I could play like everyone else. ;”( But I can’t, because my grades aren’t the most appealing rn, so if I asked my parents to get the app, I’d get instantly rejected. 

Things I do for fun, I guess, is overthink, stress eat, suffer art block, play Roblox because I’m just that childish, make art gifts for others, create character designs, make adoptables and post them but nobody gets really interested so I stay broke, also I spam people when I’m having anxiety attacks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know, if you’re interested as to what my art looks like, I’ll be posting my DA link onto my profile again soon. (You have to be a user on that website to see my stuff though, I made my settings like that in an attempt to shoo away art thieves. ^^;)
☾I am Non Binary/Trans.
Pronouns; "They/Them."
ヾ(=。; ♡ ;。=)ゞ☽
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Hey! Nice to meet you Kiwi. Forums can get a bit confusing for people who don't use them often so I totally understand. I think the forum drawing tool thing is for people who use PC tbh, because when I tried to do it on my iPad it just didn't work (which is a shame because I'm a digital artist and draw on my iPad). Also, would your parents allow you to use the app if you could play it on PC? I'm not sure if you have one but I can teach you to play on your PC if that's the only way you can.
PS: I totally play Roblox too even though I'm 22. The game modes are just so creative. Wink
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hi and welcome! if you're drawing using mobile, unfortunately the only way to draw is tap-tapping instead of stroking lines. pointilism, I guess haha.

good luck with your grades! roblox looks really interesting, I'm tempted to give it a try. hmm!
woAH, okay so- I didn’t think anyone would reply, especially not TWO people. My mind is blown rn so whhhoah. I’ve never heard of Pointillism, and it sounds interesting so I really want to try it at some point, I really do love trying new art techniques. :’> (Out of everything that was said to me, that’s what stood out the most, artist instincts I guess.. ^^;) My awkward levels are doubled today because, life, so I’m going to respond as least awkwardly as I can. x’d

Hi to you too Miki. Yeah, you got me there, I don’t really use forums lmao. Especially when on ChickenSmoothie, I guess I’m officially inactive there though lmao, until the new event comes. But I never talk to anyone or interact with forums in general because the formats are always weird and— I have nobody there to even actually talk too. ALSO SAME AAAAA- I don’t know if I mentioned before, but I do use an iPad to draw as well. Especially even more after getting an iPad Pro, it’s just??? More helpful than using my fingers. (Using my fingers eventually starts to make them burn and make my screen overheated so- ; 7 ; ) You’re definitely not the only one here who plays Roblox despite being past the typical player age limit. x’d Although being surrounded by a group of quarreling eight to twelve year olds isn’t the funnest thing around, sometimes I even have to correct them, when they start insulting eachother, with such rude names too, it’s just— disappointing??? Concerning? Maybe both. Just where ARE their parents? (-^-) The world may never know...

Also hi to you Sketchi, as well. I’m definitely going to try out Pointillism someday, when I have the time during the weekends. :”) Also thank you so much hhhh- Lately I’ve been kind of realizing more and more as to why I really do need to get my grades up, it just won’t end well if I don’t. Also, Roblox is fun but those word/text filters are just... >:’0 <- that emoji right there. I can’t even say the phrase; “Happy Mardi Gras” to someone without it being filtered into hashtags because the filter thinks it’s an inappropriate word. Just sometimes I wanna, smack some sense into the Roblox team.. (>o>) Just besides that though, they’re finally taking a step forward to get rid of the scam-spam bots so that’s good. And even the; “Are you a human?”, tests are fun, you get to pick out your favorite color so it’s unusually fun. Although building in Roblox is so complicated, I was told I need to buy a mouse to make things more easier for me but I’m so attached to my computer’s touch-pad so. :”))))))))))) At least I can still make clothes, I just need to figure out how.

Edit: I know this isn’t the proper place to ask this, but I honestly can’t find the help forum section. I don’t even know if that actually is one or not... ^^; Would any of you be okay with telling me how to change my username? :”) I finally have enough currency to do so, but I can’t find the change username panel anymore and I feel lost all over again. 
( ; 7 ; )
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Haha yeah the little kids can be so mean to each other! I always end up correcting them too. I find it cute though when they want to role play and so sometimes I play along just for them to have a good time. Also, in response to your question, you can change your name on the forums by clicking on your points in the top right. Then go to buy username. :3
[Image: Signature2020.png]
OH, WAIT, WH- AAAAAAAA DIWMAOSNWINXIQWM- that was so simple, why didn’t I figure that out before? :”) I’m such a scatter brain. x’d Thank you so much. <3 ( ; 7 ; )

Honestly though, I don’t really agree with the whole role play stuff, because sometimes they go too far. Or some role players are trolls, and then won’t stop asking for you to be their “parent”, or just start spamming imitations of baby noises... ( ; n ; ) Yeah, the ones who role play as babies, most of the time I find them creepy, there was even one point where one just gave off a unnerving vibe. :”) They most likely were someone around my age then, but s t i l l . Also in role play, some people put in their bios that they’re; “single”, or “smart”, or “pretty.” I don’t know, I just feel like you don’t have to write those things about yourself to prove how amazing you are, just a simple name and statements of what they like and dislikes would’ve been fine. AAAAAAA- I rambled too much lmao, sorry for the huge wall of text. ^^;

But yeah, thank you again, I’m going to change my username now. Finally. ( ; ; 7 ; ; )
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Thanks Kiwi for this, because I think forums were little bit confused me here, don't know what to say or what to not say. totally unknown about do's or don't's of this forums. could you just guide me here.
OH, HI NEWBIE! (Aka jasonnur.) OKAY SO I’M SO HYPED, DESPITE HAVING BAD GRADES, MY MOM STILL LET ME GET THE GAME SINCE IT FINALLY CAME OUT IN THE APP STORE SO I’M SO EXCITED I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO FIRST- So, I don’t really know the rules tbh. I usually just joun sites and just be the best most decent person I can be. (Plus I don’t even know the link to the rules page, despite being here for a year now, I still get lost too. ^^; So you’re definitely not the only one when it comes to that.)

I guess some ground rules here are, don’t talk about nsfw topics, don’t harass/bully others, be kind— also introduce yourself(?) You can make your own thread with this link. —> Be sure to click on the “Post Thread” option. There you’ll be lead to another page and you can introduce yourself, then post your message for all to see. ^^ (Idk if I’m help, I’m pretty sure I’m not though. :”) Although this really isn’t a help thread, this is actually my introduction thread. I believe there aren’t any help forums available yet, so I think when you create your own introduction thread, you should also ask your own questions there as well.

Also if you didn’t know already, the Pixel Petz game is now available so you can get it on the App store, or Android. (I don’t know much about Androids, I use an iPad/iPhone so... :”) Here’s the link to that announcement. - I think if you want to ask more questions, you should message Sketchi. (Whom I believe is the Admin of this website and the app.)

Hopefully this helps. :’>

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