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Pixel Petz Color Palette
Out of idle curiosity, how was the final 96 color petz palette chosen? 

More generally, what's your favorite colors to use? Which ones do you tend to neglect? 
Personally I always find myself going for the cream/tan/brown shades and I don't think I've ever actually used purple, oops! Actually, I'd like to start using more bright non-natural colors in general!
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For me I try to be creative and use as many of the colours as possible! Most importantly though I always have 1 black and 1 white on my palette when creating. Before I even think of what kind of pet I want to create, I always think of the colour first. What personality will my pet represent? What colours work well together? Is there a common theme? All of those go into my final decision.

Bonus info: My fav personal colours are pink+green. c:
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to choose the colors, I decided on monochromes (black gray white) and rainbows (roygbiv) with extra "natural" coat colors, like rust, brown, cream, gray, etc.
if there's ever a color you feel is missing, please let me know about it and I can always consider expanding the palette!
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