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Pixel Petz Discord Server
Hello everybody!
I have created a Pixel Petz Discord server that you are free to join!
Discord is an app/program that allows you to chat through text, voice, or both.
As long as you're in the same server, you're good to go!

I'm really hoping to see some of you come and join in on the fun.
We can share pictures and actively chat there! It'll be fun. ^^

[font=Arial]Join here![/font]
[Image: Signature2020.png]
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  • sketchi, Pet
I joined!
definitely join this! you can find me there as sketchi as well
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  • SnowdinDoggo
cool server yesyes[Image: 1632920224_141a7812c20adf035623e123abfd9e04.png]

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