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cat and hamster preview
working on the AI so they recognize each others' species and react accordingly!
don't worry they can't eat each other, just carry some lil hams around safely. and maybe some chasing. Wink

[Image: jrCvhr5.png]
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Woah! This has me pumped!! I'm so excited for them both but the cats...are my dream. Really looking forward to designing things with them!
[Image: miki_signature.png]
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Will I able to pat this little helper when it's up? Big Grin
To expressing myself to thank him!
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They look very cute, can't wait to make some Smile
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THIS IS SO CUTE! I can't wait!
Oh wow I'm really looking foreward to what you can do with the IA!!! And also tall hammys lol
how do u pick up pets? I wasn't paying attention. Srry!

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